Kitchenalia Sales Haul

As the new year has rolled round I was a bit disappointed to not receive any kitcheny items for Christmas! However, Christmas and the new year only means one thing – sales shopping! Or you know, just shopping.

So late December and early January I headed out to the shops to see if there was anything I simply had to add to my kitchen supplies, which of course there was. Some of my swag is detailed below:

Star Pattern Pin
I’ve been looking at these types of rolling pin for ages, especially at the Cake and Bake Show I attended last year but they always seemed really expensive for what they are as they only impress a pattern onto icing or biscuits. Small pins around 15cm were being sold at shows for about £7 with multiple patterns but I wasn’t sure how much use I’d get from it so it seemed too much money to part with at the time. But then the sales happened and although I had no choice in the pattern I was able to pick up this star pin in Lakeland for only £3.49, and that’s for a 32cm pin! I’m a bit dubious about embossing pins, will the pattern be visible or the pin sturdy enough but I waste way more money than £3.49 on other less useful things so I can’t wait to try this out.


Fairytale Cottage Mould
Now I have to admit I won’t be able to try this out as I bought it for a friend, however with great reviews I trust this will be an awesome silicone mould that can be used for chocolate and biscuits. It seems to be every type of safe you could want in a kitchen and I kind of wish I’d bought one for myself now! Silicone moulds can be expensive but this was on sale for £4.49.


Fluted Ring Cake Pan
So I’m cheating a little bit here. I bought this pan in Lakeland last year it was still being sold in the Christmas sale. This pan measures 18cm diameter x 9cm height. (7” x 3½”) and has a capacity of 1.8 litre. I have made a cake in this and can say this is a great little pan. Make sure you don’t excessively grease it or like tins when preparing it for cake batter as some of the corners can pool the butter but at a price of £5.99 it’s a great addition to the kitchen cupboard.

PanKorken Jar
I also ventured out to Ikea as I need to totally sort out my kitchen as my baking supplies are slowly taking over my cupboards to the point where I have half empty bags of sugar almost falling out at me whenever I open the cupboard doors. So as it’s a new year I decided to get organised and buy some new jars. Ikea do some nice storage options but I decided to go with Korken Jars. They sell multiple sizes to suit all needs so I bought five litre jars for my sugars (£1.75 each) and one 1.8 litre jar to store my leftover mincemeat until I need it next Christmas. They seem ideal for my needs and are cheap to boot and even if the seals need replacing at any point I can just buy them separately.

JarEnsidig Vase
Yes, you did read that right, I just wrote vase. I bought two vases at £1 each as I thought they’d be perfect for milkshakes! They really look like milk bottles as they’re made from glass and stand at 18cm high. I just fell in love with them and had to get them. Forget the ‘vase’, these will be an awesome addition to my kitchen. Thank you Ikea!


*All images in this post are from the relevant retailers website


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