Foodies Festival Oxford – August 2015

Foodies Festivals run throughout the UK in various locations. They have been running for ten years and offer a family friendly place for people to come together to share a love of food.

I attended the Oxford festival which took place on the 29th and 30th August. I attended on the Saturday only and having been the previous year so I knew roughly what to expect. This year I bought my ticket through Vouch as they were offering tickets at a slightly reduced price. The event was located at Oxford South Parks and it was only a short way from the main town.


This year I have a car so I drove into Oxford, parked up and walked to the venue. I really recommend that if you have a car not to drive into Oxford. I am lucky to be able to park somewhere secure but parking for the general public with non-Oxford jobs is costly and limited. Oxford has decent transport links so I really advise getting the train or bus. This also means you can drink alcohol and this was the one flaw in my driving plan!


Last year the stalls were a very balanced and there was a good variety of stalls showcasing different types of food and drink. This year the one thing that struck me as soon as I got to the venue was the amount of stalls selling and advertising alcoholic drinks. For me this was quite disappointing. I’m not a massive drinker but it seemed like alcohol had taken over a whole side of the show this year. Disappointingly I had to forgo any tasting of drinks that were alcoholic.


After this realisation I came across Taylors of Harrogate. Their stall was dedicated to only one product and that was a cold brew coffee and tonic. They had bottles of the drink for attendees to sample and were gathering feedback. My boyfriend decided to try one. Now, I don’t like coffee. And I don’t like tonic. To me they are just a bitter and twisty horrible mess. But for some reason my brain thought it would be a good idea to try a mouthful anyway. This was an utter mistake and shall never again be repeated. If you like coffee and tonic – together – then I highly recommend this drink. If you don’t, like me, stay well clear! I had never heard of coffee and tonic before but it seems it’s a thing in the US and is expected to be a big thing here in the UK too. So watch this space!


Another stall really intrigued me walking round and that was the Great British Spiral Potatoes stall. Here they were selling whole potatoes that had been spiralled and then fried, served with a flavour of your choice. They looked amazing so I had a paprika one and I regret absolutely nothing.


Just like I don’t regret that lunch was basically meat in some bread


Or those churros I had as a dessert! I love churros and these from Churros Garcia were very tasty. They were packed into a cup until no more could be squeezed in and I got a separate chocolate pot to go with them. A++ will eat again (if given the chance)!


You also know you’re getting older when, instead of running off after ice cream and sweets, you gravitate towards oil. The Cold Pressed Oil Company Limited had a stall and were selling their classic cold-pressed rapeseed oil as well as a selection of infused oil. As someone that likes bread I was drawn to the stall. I’ve not really thought that much about rapeseed oil, especially as a replacement for olive oil but apparently it is becoming a thing. And a very tasty thing at that, so I bought a couple of bottles. As you do. I can highly recommend it with freshly baked ciabatta.

I’m not sure where I’ll be when the event happens next year but they pop up all over the UK. It’s a small foodie event that I really recommend and I’ll definitely be attending another one in the future.


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