Baking Adventures

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I’m not new to the world of blogging but I am fairly new to the world of food blogging – time to learn a new delicious blog style! This website and all accompanying ‘spun sugar’ accounts are the start of my new project – bake and write, which should ultimately lead to a self-published book!

This project may seem fairly ambitious but it’s just a personal goal that is achievable if I really put my mind to it. As time goes on and I get older I’ve come to realise that there are not many things that let me simply exist while thinking of nothing apart from the project in hand. The kitchen is an escape for daily woes and is a new playground to be explored.

I’ve always loved baking – anything from cakes to biscuits and I love developing new recipes. I love cupcakes and will most likely post a lot of cake and cupcake related things. But I will also be looking to improve and learn skills I don’t naturally gravitate towards, like chocolate for example. I don’t know why but chocolate just scares me. Unless I’m using cocoa or melted chocolate in a cake recipe! Also bread. There’s nothing better than fresh bread from the oven is there? So I’m going to try my hand at bread making too. Any hints or tips throughout posts will be much appreciated!

I also want to highlight fun kitchen items. Being in the kitchen and baking should be fun and there are lot of fun products out there that I want to know about and I want to share with people. Expect some obligatory photos of my new KitchenAid mixer as well as other bright fun kitchenalia.

And finally this will be my little place to occasionally post about food on television. I’m an avid television fan (which is probably why I don’t bake as much as I’d like!) and just get sucked into cooking shows really easily. With the next season on Masterchef Australia (which is much better than Masterchef UK, if you have Sky TV you must watch it at some point) expected at some point soon as well as shows like The Great British Bake Off and, personally, the much anticipated Simply Nigella series this Autumn, there’s a lot to watch and get some amazing ideas from.

I also love travelling, whether it’s around the UK or slightly further afield. I aim to attend a few foodie events this year in the UK – Foodies Festival in Oxford and The Cake and Bake Show in London. I’ll also be hitting Paris in November and Belgium in December so I should be posting some exciting and delicious things from some awesome places including my favourite kitchen shop Dille & Kamille.

So please follow me through my baking adventures either on here, Twitter or Instagram and any hints, tips, comments or travel suggestions will be gratefully welcomed on my journey.


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